“If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Beldarion founded Team BAS in 2018 together with RYE coach Asaban. Since then, he has coached and mentored players on a daily basis, helping them to get a better understanding of the game and improve their overall EV.

When it comes to coaching philosophy and style, Beldarion is truly unique. He believes that it is impossible for one human being to truly teach one another, and that the best possible thing you can do as a coach is to inspire the student to teach himself and provide him with all the tools needed to do this efficiently.

Beldarion started playing with a free $5 bankroll on PokerStars and the rest is history. Climbing from the bottom to the top, Beldarion has been playing poker professionally since 2007. MTT’s was his first love, finding huge success, including a 5way deal in the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl for $220k and a total of 3 Sunday million final tables. Profit from MTT’s alone is upwards of $600k!

Beldarion believes that it is vital that poker players find a balance both On and Off the felt, and in 2015 He and his Wife welcomed the arrival of their first child. Late nights and early mornings meant Beldarion no longer had the time needed for those grueling MTT sessions, and a change of focus was needed. Welcome to Spin and Go’s – instantly hooked by this format, Beldarion took to the Lab to hone his skills. Beldarion has been successfully playing Spins up to the €250 stakes, primarily on PartyPoker and Winamax ever since!  


Sido OBC
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Beldarion’s coaching were the key points for me in climbing through the limits and reaching the highest stakes. He has an answer to every question and all his ‘’small’’ advice/adaptations were game changers in my play style. He taught me how to implement what I had learnt and implement this into my own coaching style.
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Beldarion truly is a wizard when it comes to poker knowledge and theory, his explanations are incredibly clear and he always ensures the player fully understands the line or theoretical element he is explaining. Highly recommended to anyone look to find a poker coach!
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Beldarion's cheerful personality makes it super easy to work with him. He will find every little leak in your game plan and you will feel good about discovering it. While working with him, Beldarion was always able to show the next level of thinking. It's easy to recognize that he truly grinded poker theory A LOT. Highly recommended to all!