Poker coaching information:

Matthias started his poker career just after his 18th birthday more than ten years ago. His first steps were done with the beginner friendly short stack strategy for fullring cashgames, but he quickly moved over to all sorts of SNG’s. The faster the structure, the better. Therefore it’s no surprise that spins caught his interest at some point. In 2018 he applied for TeamBAS and started to coach the beginner section in 2019 himself. Since then he has been working continuously with people from all over the world to teach them the basics of TeamBAS spin strategy.

The coaching style heavily focuses on the interaction between coach and student. Every question that arises is a good question and will be answered. Poker is a game of logic, therefore it’s truly possible to work on your mastery of this game when you stay curious and you are willing to ask about every aspect of playing spins.

Matthias is a master of poker tools like Hand2Note, HoldemResourcesCalculator, GTO+ and Equilab. He is always looking for developments in pool tendencies and resulting adaptations to our playstyle against various types of opponents. You want to know any information about a certain spot? Matthias can show you the steps to get these informations and prepare you for future endeavours.