“The best way to predict the future, is to create it!”

Sido started playing poker 12 years ago and immediately fell in love with the game. For 6 years he continued to play the game as a recreational hobby, however he soon realised that his much loved hobby was starting to become quite profitable. It was at this moment in time Sido decided to put more time and effort into the game and for the last 6 years has played professionally.

Sido first found his love for poker in the SNG format, quickly moved into MTT’s and most recently Spin and Go’s. Sido joined TeamBas in July 2019 and quickly became a prominent asset, and unfortunately for his opponents, a force to be reckoned with at the tables. In just shy of 2 years, Sido made his way from the $3 spins to a regular at the €100 level on Winamax.

Sido’s move to coaching was inevitable. The motivation and passion shown in even the early stages of his spin career was noticeable, constantly helping other members of the team with Hand Analysis, Study sessions and Population research and tendencies. Since early 2020, Sido has been responsible for a lot of the Main team coaching within TeamBas as well as assisting Beldarion with the overall strategy content for team and numerous 1 on 1 coachings with members.

Sido pioneered the idea within Team Bas for a longer term coaching option and designed his “Coaching Pack” – this was a more intensive form of study spread over 2 to 3 months. This continues to be available for all players above $10 stakes who are willing to dedicate the time and effort in order to achieve the maximum from this opportunity and their Spins career overall! 


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I started to have 1on1 coaching with Sido after I joined the team. I never had coaching’s like this before, so the impact was noticeable on my results even after the first session. What I like the most he isn't just answer your questions, but also tries to put your thinking process on the right track so next time when you face a similar spot it is way easier to "solve" on your own. He is friendly and crushing as hell so definitely a good coach to have!
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Sido's coaching has had a very positive impact on my development as a Spins player. He can quickly identify my biggest leaks alongside with a good plan on how to fix them quickly. His feedback on any hand history and Spin review history is given at a high-level thinking and delivered in a simple way that is easy for any player of any level to understand.
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The 1on1s with Sido made me a better player by really pointing out what my leaks are, and it always felt like I could ask anything what was on my mind. never felt that there are any dumb questions. He really helped me get into studying poker off the table by showing me how to set goals and make them more achievable.
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I think the 1on1 has helped me to search for my biggest errors and let me realize what I was doing wrong without changing the things that I was doing right. It has been very detailed and helped me personally a lot. Also, I liked it that we have set a little game plan so I can focus on the errors and where to set my focus at.